Interior design

Design services, restyling, designer consultancy for commercial and non-commercial design.
Design for children, rooms, schools, nurseries, playgrounds and canteens.
Design for pets and livestock (stables, henhouses, dog-kennels).
We emphasize the functionality and client´s demands, but also the beauty, comfort and originality.


What is the design

The design is for us combining usefulness with beauty and comfort so that we can grant all of your dreams and wishes.

We design interiors for city apartments, family houses, residences, villas and commercial rooms.

The designer will make sure to make your dreams about perfect house come true. 

We enjoy creating stylish interior for stores and offices as well, where we put resourceful and original solving into effect. There is also possibility to cooperate with the joiners to have your furniture custom-made.vzorniky-navrh

The complex services include:

Consultations, progress of the design, dealing with the space, drawings of the custom-made furniture, the realization of the project. We can also provide you craft services, laying of the floors, restoring antique furniture, papering, painting the room, stucco and fabions, shadowing technique, sewing the textiles, paintings or commissioned paintings and others. 

We also create comfortable home only by rearranging current furniture with a couple of new accessories and design tricks. Interior styling and decorating is one of our most popular services.

The design is not only making your apartment or workplace to suit your needs and to make you feel lovely, but also making your space useful.

Are you planning on moving to the new house or enhancing the present one? We are the right choice.

Do you have any questions about our services?

Let us now by dialing +420  777 878 822 or ask our designers via contact form

"I've been amazed at how often those outside the discipline of design assume that what designers do is decorations. Good design is problem solving."

— Jeffery Veen, the cofounder of Adaptive Path